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  • CHEYENNE Cast Member

    Cheyenne had a boyfriend and a burgeoning clothing company in California when she went on The Challenge. At the reunion show, she hooked up with castmate Cory, then went back to her life with her boyfriend Zach. When Cheyenne found out she was pregnant, she thought Zach was the father, but when her daughter Ryder was born with a genetic disorder, they took a paternity test and discovered Cory was the father instead. Cheyenne broke up with Zach to put her relationship with Cory first, but he wasn't interested in getting serious and was quick to move on. Now, Cheyenne must accept another woman will be in Ryder's life.

  • MACI Cast Member
    The all American girl next door, Maci, lived a charmed life. A straight-A student, Maci was the good girl no one ever thought would get pregnant in high school. But after losing her virginity with bad boy boyfriend Ryan during her senior year of high school, that’s exactly what happened. Determined to not let the unplanned teen pregnancy affect her dreams or her relationship with Ryan, Maci stayed motivated and finished high school. She enrolled in a local community college, got engaged to Ryan, and was determined to do everything she’d planned on doing before she got pregnant. But with the birth of her son Bentley, life as Maci knew it was over and reality of teen parenting hit. She tried her best to make it work, but ultimately the engagement was called off and Maci found herself alone and a single mom. Today, Maci is still in school at Chattanooga State and has yet to graduate with a two year degree, six years later. She attempts to co-parent with Ryan, but their inability to communicate causes rifts in the relationship. After two years of dating a new love interest, Taylor, the couple decides to move in with each other and soon after Maci finds out she is expecting a second child with Taylor, causing college to go on the back burner once again. Yet aside from that one snag with school, Maci finds herself exactly where she’s always wanted to be: in a respectful committed relationship, about to have the sibling for Bentley that she’s longed for and the family she’s always wanted. But Maci isn’t crazy about becoming an unwed mother to two children by two different men. Will Taylor propose and make her an honest woman?
  • CATELYNN Cast Member
    Small town sweethearts Catelynn and boyfriend Tyler chose adoption for their daughter Carly and the heartbreaking decision changed their lives forever. Their relationships with their families were destroyed by the choice but Catelynn and Tyler stood firm in their decision to give their child a life better than they could provide at 16-years-old and placed their daughter Carly with adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa. While their home lives crumbled before them, Catelynn and Tyler focused on moving forward together. They got engaged, graduated high school, enrolled in college and began planning a wedding. But only months before walking down the aisle, Tyler called off the wedding on national television while appearing on VH1’s reality show Couple’s Therapy. Now, 6 years since we first met the small town sweethearts, things have drastically changed in their world. The pair are back on track for a wedding and find themselves pregnant with their second child! But when Tyler posts some pictures of Carly on the internet, they worry that their yearly visit and relationship with their daughter Carly will come into question.
  • AMBER Cast Member
    Midwestern Teen Mom Amber was a typical teen who loved to party. But once she started dating her first real boyfriend Gary at 16-years-old, she quickly found herself pregnant and her life just as quickly unravelled under the overwhelming responsibility that came with parenting her daughter Leah. The couple tried to stay together, but when arguments between the two became physical, Child Protective Services stepped in and Amber was charged with domestic abuse, placed on probation, and the relationship between Amber and Gary fell apart. Turning to prescription medication to help manage her severe anxiety and depression became a potentially fatal addiction. After jails and rehabs, Amber made the decision to opt out of her drug court probation and serve a five year prison sentence, hoping it was what she needed to save her life. Amber didn’t let her time behind bars go to waste and worked hard to get her GED as well as take part in a sober living program and was ultimately let out on early release. Now she’s back on the outside rebuilding her life from the ground up and getting to know her five-year-old daughter, Leah, for the first time newly sober. With Gary retaining full custody of Leah, Amber must learn to co-parent in a situation where Gary has all the power. While Amber hoped that she and Gary could be a family again someday, Gary has moved on with new girlfriend Kristina and when Gary tells Amber that Kristina is pregnant, Amber closes the chapter on her and Gary’s future for good. Diving head first into the dating world, Amber accepts an engagement proposal from a much older man, but while she feels good about the relationship, her family questions his real intentions.


Follow Maci, Amber, Catelynn and Cheyenne as they face the challenges of motherhood. Each episode interweaves these stories revealing the wide variety of challenges young mothers can face: marriage, relationships, family support, adoption, finances, graduating high school, starting college, getting a job, and the daunting and exciting step of moving out to create their own families.